Sound and light, owls and human perception

[Stuart in solo. Reaching forwards]

343 m/s

Is an open-ended idea by Stuart Jackson, Angus Balbernie and Katy Dymoke, then Rob joined it too.

This piece is an ongoing exploration about how we adjust and deal with (or not) different and differing perceptions and bodies. 

Some of this is navigated visually at around 299700 km/s, and other stuff sounds much slower at around 343 m/s.

Movement signals travel at around 100 m/s, touch at around 70 m/s, but at around 60 cm/s pain is so very slow….

So we wonder why our stories are much slower to tell?

Is sadness as slow as pain, creeping along at around 50cm a second inside us?

And what about owls? 

Owls fly faster than sadness, at around 50km/h, but much slower than light.

The tensions between what we need to “know” about our immediate environment, and our abilities to improvise and re-shape these relationships, is central to the work.

Owls do not fly at 343 m/s, but do have 7 kinds of feathers, including ones that make them fly silently. 

We go deeper into this, and we get the audience to dance with us.

The performance asks everyone to keep their mobile phones on, with a favourite piece of music or song ready to play. And there are lots of feathers…. 


Portugal Voarte Festival 2019

Dartington, Devon 2019 

Cardiff 2018

Buzz Cut Festival 2017

Kilmarnock 2017
(with I-Dance)

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