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We deliver world-class workshops based on contact improvisation for people with visual imparments all over the world. We can create bespoke workshops for your arts organisation, care centre, or health education group.

We deliver a range of workshops both independently and with local authorities and care providers.

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Workshop packages

Community activities

We run events for communities aimed at people with visual impairments but open to all. Our events help boost confidence and self-esteem, improve development and mobility, and enable people to be creative.

Many of these events have been held at Waterside Arts Centre, who we have worked with since 2005 delivering hundreds of events, workshops, partnerships, demonstrations and presentations.

Professional training

We deliver a range of professional training programs to help everyone from dancers to teachers learn how to work with visually impaired people.

See below for examples of some of these training programs and success stories.

Organisational partnerships

We specialise in creating bespoke workshop packages for arts organisations, care centres and health education groups to work with blind and visually impaired people. We create and deliver activities, training and education to improve the reach and diversity of your organisation.

We have worked with a large range of organisations across the world such as RNIB, British Council, Sadler’s Wells, Children in Need, Manchester City Council and Henshaw’s Society for the Blind.

To find out more about how we can work with your organisation, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Past workshop events

Here’s a list of some of the courses and activities we’ve run and the people we’ve worked with.


An Erasmus project introducing Body-Mind Centering research and application of the touch and movement methods to dance, education, and personal development – at St Vincent’s School for the Blind.

Children in Need

We received funding from BBC Children in Need to deliver a project in 3 schools involving visually impaired, sensory impaired, learning disabled and physically disabled students. We ran three groups: a visual impairment-specific group, one vulnerable girls group, and one autism specific group.

Creative Partnership Lancashire and Manchester

We were a core partner delivering dance in the curriculum, supporting teaching staff to deliver movement-based sessions, particularly in challenging class contexts.

“The children were more attentive – using creativity to explore ‘what learning is like’”

British Council presentations in Barcelona and Sri Lanka

In 2005 we ran a conference workshop and presentation in Barcelona on behalf of the British Council.

We followed this up in 2011-17 in Sri Lanka and India, in collaboration with nATANDA Dance Theatre of Sri Lanka.

Sadler's Wells

The ‘Changing Perspectives’ event at Sadler’s Well’s Lilian Baylis Theatre featured UK based dance individuals and companies (Corali, AMICI, Touchdown Dance, High Spin), for whom disability dance is key.

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Royal Festival Hall

Touchdown Dance at the Freesummer at the South Bank, Royal Festival Hall Ballroom. Information from London Dance.

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